Brand Optimisation Marketing Materials

Brand Optimisation Marketing Materials

We have recently created and released a new set of marketing materials for Pro Members. The Brand Optimisation set of marketing materials are designed to help our Pro Members engage more visitors, leads, prospects, and clients with how important branding is.

The Value of Branding

Effective branding results in your clients’ lasting connection with their customers. Branding indeed is a basic and integral part of marketing.

Long after your other marketing efforts have been implemented, it is your clients’ branding that will stay in the hearts and minds of their customers and influencers. If they love the brand, they will talk about it and they will become active ambassadors. If they love the brand, they will stick to it.

This is where you come in. By providing valuable brand consulting to your clients, you will be their valuable marketing partner — helping them build their brand, get more customers, retain existing ones, and grow their business.

Phenomenal branding success has been clearly demonstrated by many brands. Let’s take one successful giant brand as an example to illustrate this: Coca-Cola.

This is very true. Guys, branding is real. This is the real thing.

However, branding is not a one-time exercise. Branding involves continuous innovation and promotion so that the values behind the brand are continuously conveyed to their existing and target customers.

As a matter of fact, Coca-Cola didn’t build their brand overnight. They spent billions in advertising and other marketing efforts through the years.

Branding therefore, must be integrated in the overall marketing plan and must be aligned with the ongoing online marketing efforts you perform for your clients.

Brand Building and Optimization for your Clients

Billions worth of marketing efforts? Alas! There is never a better time to promote your clients’ products and services, with their brand in tow, using the Internet and content marketing as your platform. This platform has become more broadly accessible and is more affordable than traditional marketing and advertising media. Again, this is where you come in.

Now take a look at this list of the top 100 brands for 2014 by Millward Brown.

Obviously, this is on a global scale. Now scale down the scope of this chart to your local city, for instance, and narrow down the categories to specific niches. What businesses are competing in your city for Italian restaurants? For hardware stores? For flower shops? What top national brands or strong local brands are competing with the smaller ones?

You may target the bigger ones as you please, or target the smaller ones and enable them to compete with the bigger players. They need not compete in terms of size, but they can definitely compete in terms of branding. Small local businesses have a certain appeal to local folks, and so you may use this to enhance their brand further.

Local businesses do not need to spend billions of dollars (like Coca-Cola) to dominate a small city radius or even an entire city!

The downside is, however, competition is getting tougher and tougher in the online world for your clients and for you!

Your Brand Optimization and Content Marketing Outsource Partner

And this is where we come in as your marketing outsource partner with more than 300 professionals dedicated to working on your campaigns for your clients with superior operational efficiency, dynamic technology, cutting-edge marketing support and exceptional campaign results – helping you become more competitive and transforming you into a leader in your locale and niche.

Brand Optimization Marketing Materials

Our Brand Optimization Marketing Materials Set is exclusive to our partners who have subscribed to the Pro Membership program. New marketing materials are created and released for Pro members on a monthly basis.

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